Fabulous Solid Rose 9K Gold Natural Fiery Opal & Emerald Detailed Snake Ring – Finger Sizes H to 12 Available

The detailed carving across the face and alongside the entire size of the ring makes it a extremely particular person piece.

There are three Fiery Opals graduating in measurement from 3mm to M.5mm alongside the Head and two B.75mm Vibrant Green Emeralds making the eyes.

All the Emeralds & Opals are Genuine & Natural and are lively and vibrance.
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This is an actual eyecatcher and such a cushty ring to put on on any finger or thumb.

Completely created from Solid English Rose Gold Hallmarked by the London Assay Office which confirms the rings authenticity. The Hallmark consists of the 375 marking, for English 9K, plus the Leopards Head and the Royal Crown.

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