Luxury Solid Yellow 9K Gold Peridot & Opal Victorian Style Eternity Ring – Finger Sizes H to 12 Available

A Stunning Solid 9K Gold Victorian Style Eternity Ring with scroll carving set with three Fabulous Colorful Peridots measuring A mm (zero.sixteen") and a couple of.S mm (zero.B") and two Fiery Opals measuring A mm (zero.12") which look superb set towards the Polished Gold. The ring has been extraordinarily nicely-made and it has a pleasant weight, a strong really feel and a superb thick shank.

Completely made from Solid English Yellow Gold, authenticated by the Assay Office in London. They have stamped the within of the shank with their very own distinctive mark to point out that they’ve accredited the Gold content material of this ring.
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This Delightful piece is giant sufficient to be observed however not overpowering, and additionally it is very snug and straightforward to put on. You will completely love this ring!

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