Who Else Wants A Consistent, Accurate Monster Ace-ing Serve?

What I am about to inform you is just not widespread information. In reality outdoors of round 5 different individuals you’re one of many first to listen to about this…

For the previous decade I have been working with a number of huge serve gamers and coaches which led me to work with many excessive rating WTA gamers together with Jamilla Gajdosova (Current Australian Open Mixed Doubles Champion), Tatiana Perebiynis to call however a couple of. All of those gamers are recognized for his or her BIG serves – “ladies who hit their serves like a person”.

Powerful, correct serves are usually not a quirk of nature – YOU AREN’T BORN a BIG server. What I have seen via hours and hours of publicity to prime flight gamers is that they comply with a sure regime and by doing in order that they develop, Power, accuracy and most of all consistency.

Last yr I began coaching college students utilizing a course of that integrates the Bailey Footwork Method with the regime that develops these unimaginable BIG serves and the outcomes have been beautiful.

Almost immediately the gamers who we taught the brand new technique not solely turned extra correct, their serves quickly turned constant and highly effective! ….

If your serve has ever allow you to down, otherwise you simply can’t get sufficient energy behind it or land the ball the place you need it to then you’ll be thrilled with what you’re about to find.
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The Sharpshooter is a system that improves your serves to the advert courtroom and deuce courtroom. It’s straightforward to arrange, quick and enjoyable to study and most significantly designed to make you serve beneath circumstances just like match play i.e. it issues when you miss. You get a efficiency evaluation and enchancment system so that you monitor your progress, work in your weaknesses and develop your “go to” serve whether or not that’s your serve to their forehand, backhand or a physique serve.

One of the individuals you will notice show the sharpshooter is Seone Mendez who I started coaching in 2007 and is now the highest ranked junior in Australia in her age group. You’ll see Seone knocking over S inch excessive cones together with her serves – now that’s the type of accuracy everybody needs… and till now nobody knew tips on how to obtain. Well now you’ll be able to with the Tennis Sharpshooter.

You no Longer Have to Settle For A Wimpy Serve When You Could Be Serving Explosive Aces Like The Greats!

So right here’s the factor… I am in search of a couple of individuals who need to use the Sharp Shooter Program now. It has been battle examined on all ranges of participant from very junior to WTA Pros – and it’s labored each time. Here are some early reactions I have acquired concerning the sharpshooter:

“ Fantastic teaching software…. I can see our youngsters getting big profit from the Sharpshooter program. For me as a supervisor at a busy membership… its good to know I can ship the youngsters out (even when their ranges range…

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